Family Conflict

    The Medway Family Conflict Service is part of Medway Mediation, it delivers help with family conflict for children in need, on behalf of Medway Council. The service operates independently of the local authority aiming to 'help families support children'. The emphasis is on resolving the issues with the help of the child's family or network of close friends.


    Referral process: Referrals are made by social workers, health visitors or teachers who may be concerned about the welfare of a child and are looking for a solution that avoids a long court process. The referral is allocated to one of our experienced convenors who will contact the referrer to discuss the issues surrounding the case.

    The convenor's role: The convenor will contact the child and their parents to arrange a visit to explain about the Family Conflict meeting process and to obtain details of any family/friends who may be willing to offer support and attend the meeting. The convenor will then visit family/friends to explain the process and encourage them to attend the meeting.