Mediation for homelessness

    The Homelessness Mediation project developed from both local and national statistics that show a growing number of young people being made homeless or at serious risk of eviction as a result of a relationship breakdown with their parents, relatives or friends.


    The aim of the project is, through mediation, to enable relationship issues to be resolved and for the person at risk of homelessness to keep on living at 'home'. In circumstances where this is not a long-term option the aim is to mediate an agreement for a temporary stay of eviction until suitable alternative accommodation can be secured.

    Our experience has shown that for the majority of young people at risk of homelessness, conflict with immediate and extended family is a key factor leading to eviction from home.


    The scheme has proved that mediation can help prevent homelessness by enabling the young person and their family to resolve their differences, with the assistance of an impartial third party.

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