Peer Mediation

    Students in conflict are guided by two trained peer mediators through a series of steps to help find their own way of resolving problems. They are empowered to understand their emotions and how their feelings affect their own behaviour and that of others. The main aims of teaching mediation in schools are:


    - to help pupils and staff develop social skills for dealing with conflict in a more positive way

    - to create a calm, co-operative classroom atmosphere

    - to affirm pupils and raise their self-esteem

    - to give pupils alternatives to disruption and violence

    - to create understanding and awareness of others

    - to give pupils ownership of the resolution of their disputes

    - to create a safer and more positive environment for learning


    Mediation gives an opportunity to voice feelings about incidents which to adults seem trivial, but to them are hurtful. It enables a reconciling of people, enabling them to see each other as human beings, not enemies, criminals or bullies.

    Have you been a victim of crime? Restorative processes can help.